The Master Plan

Middle of the night...wide awake...she was on my mind.

I was falling between worlds once more, my mind locked by those dark eyes, all-knowing and powerful and something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. Further and further I fell, my mind let off its leash in some alien space, my muscles lax, my heart thumping too fast, all my senses on fire. I was losing it. What was it about her? If I could just pin down what it was about this woman that had gripped me tonight, I could at least sleep and tomorrow my life would be back to normal.

I don’t think I saw her with a drink in her hand for - actually, how long had I watched her for? Half an hour? Or was it longer? Did she ever put a glass of red to those burgundy lips? Those lips. That face beneath the mask. I didn’t even finish my Cederberg Shiraz. It somehow lost its allure at the sight of this woman - all woman. My mouth felt hollow and I felt a vast empty space behind my eyes, hungering about her as she moved. There was that dreamscape opening up once more. Oh God!

I must sleep.

“Deep breaths…

Did I actually just whisper that? I pressed my wrists and palms to the bed to cool the blood rushing through my veins. They’d been pulsating hard under my skin after she’d left the room tonight.

“Keep breathing.”

 I’m really speaking to myself. Will I still see her around? How can I speak to her now I know what effect she has on me – and now that she’s seen me.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t even know what perfume she wears because you were too paralysed to get near her.”

Oh God. I am talking to myself. I must know more about this woman. This amazing woman. Her clothes…so exquisite…immaculate taste…fascinating. I could have watched her in her finery all night and to kingdom come, if only…I must know more about her. I must find a way of getting closer to her, and soon, or I might never get over her - if I wanted to that is.

No. This is just mastery of my mind. I need to know what makes her smile, what she eats, what she looks like across a dinner table. Enough! This isn’t me talking. I just have to get over this…this…

James will do it. Yes, James. I’ll ask him tomorrow to follow her. Yes…that’s what I’ll do…less risky than stopping her on the street when I see her again. It’s always on a Tuesday it seems. Hmmm…yes that’s the plan, James will do it.


But sleep wouldn’t come. In my mind’s eye, she sashayed her way through the crowd, out of my reach. I was left adrift in a room of strangers and noise pressing in on me. My mouth was hollow, my muscles lax, my heart thumping too fast, my senses on fire - I was powerless to do anything as I watched her float away…



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Well done miss chi, can’t wait to see what happens next.

Precious May 18, 2020

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