Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe, the founder of Miss Chii, believes that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. This is the reason behind the creation of ‘Miss Chii’.

The melding together of technical and creative skills

Growing up surrounded by the lush colours of nature and the changing seasons, the artist within her responded. Dawn found herself inspired, with her natural flair for design coming to the fore.  As she became older, she found herself nurturing a taste for colour, pattern and design. It became obvious that she required an outlet for this passion.

Dawn coupled her flair for design with a technical perspective, training as an engineer at a university in the UK. But she also needed to satiate her creative desire. Colour and textiles were her first love, so she began looking for an outlet for her talent. It soon became apparent from talking to other women that many were not happy with the way they looked; what was the point in spending money on expensive clothes if the figure within them was not shown off to its maximum potential?

Bras that fit – The Miss Chii story

Examining the lingerie market revealed a gap. Curvy women were being offered unimpressive items to wear that were just not fitting correctly. With her engineering background, Dawn knew that she could do so much better. The original designer of the bra, a German engineer, may have been fictional, but Dawn knew that her technical skills could do much to improve the construction of the bra. With up to 70% of women suffering physically and mentally due to ill-fitting bras, she was determined to find a solution.

Come 2013, she began designing the first few items of the ‘Miss Chii’ lingerie collection. The range married together the expert sculpting skills provided by her technical background and the beauty of design originating from her love of colour and fabrics.

Testing the collection personally

She became her own worst critic, wearing the lingerie herself to be sure that it fitted like a second skin. Moreover, looking in the mirror revealed that each item worked its magic, showing off every inch of skin in the most wonderful way.  Irrespective of body shape, once fitted with these skilfully designed silks, satins, tulle, chiffon and lace, every woman felt like a queen. No matter your taste, classic or contemporary, Miss Chii creates a second skin for every woman to be happy in.  

No compromise has been made when it comes to comfort, functionality or quality. These are stunningly feminine designs, created to be worn every day. Lingerie like this should not be kept only for special occasions but to make the wearer feel elegant all of the time. Pops of colour enhance the chic appeal of this cosmic collection.

Sourced and manufactured locally

Based in Nottinghamshire, (famous for its lacemaking), Dawn is keen to keep the company’s carbon footprint minimal. All materials are sourced locally and manufactured within a 50-mile radius. The production team consists of three wonderful women who possess a combined lingerie experience of more than 60 years.

Dawn loves what she does and wants to share her vision with you. She provides a niche range of outstanding lingerie that not only looks wonderful but also sculpts and moulds the body perfectly. This is lingerie as it should be – soft, comfortable and created from the finest of fabrics. Attention to detail is effortless, enabling each wearer to become as perfect as she should be. Dawn has developed a beautiful range of lingerie for the woman of today. No matter who you are, this collection is for you.

Check out these adorable ranges today:  the original ‘Miss Chii’ collection as well as the recently added ‘Chii’ by Miss Chii, which provides a modestly priced range.