Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe founder of the Miss Chii lingerie brand grew up surrounded by lushly coloured neighbouring gardens. Changing seasonal colours and natural features comforted and inspired her as a young girl and nurtured a taste for colour, pattern and design as she took in that environment growing up.

Aspiring to be a designer from a tender age and being interested in how things work from a technical perspective, she first undertook engineering training at a U.K. university.  While this learning satisfied some of her passion, she needed an outlet for more personal expression and creativity involving her first love: colour and textiles.  Nevertheless, her new-found skills and knowledge were invaluable in designing her first collection of ‘Miss Chii’s lingerie’ in 2013, which exhibit technical excellence in design of lingerie that demands improved performance.    

Miss Chii lingerie designs work wonders on the woman wearing them, regardless of skin tone, age, or body shape.  Of course, while they don’t come with a guarantee of transforming the eye of the beholder, any woman will certainly know the value of her lover when he beholds her emboldened by feeling fantastic in her potent Miss Chii wardrobe essentials! Using the best quality silks, satins, tulle, chiffon and lace, -all sourced in the U.K, Miss Chii’s production team combine, classic and contemporary couture to create a second skin any woman will be happy in.