The Dark Beauty...Part 1

I’d seen her before and thought I already knew how divine she was…that is until
tonight, the night of the gala. The sparkling lights, the buzz in the air and the sensual
ambience brought out a new dimension to her beauty that was difficult for me to
I thought I was doing an exemplary job of disguising how I watched her move around
the room. Every now and again, I was sure she knew my eyes were following her, at
which moment my stomach would do a somersault and my head would float away
from my body.
Now she was closer, resplendent in rich colours and soft textures that my fingers
twitched to touch. She was simply nothing less than magnificent. Her words flowed
from full, deep burgundy lips. As they did, I felt like I was falling into some other
place that at once felt familiar yet was a surreal dreamscape of shadows. I listened
intrusively. She was conveying something joyous to two incredible women, though I
couldn’t catch a word that was said. Surely I was in a dream, yet I felt unnervingly
awake. Images flashed of the two of us having many conversations in some other
dizzying reality. There were so many moments between her words and gestures
where I could have surreptitiously moved in. Alas, I could not break through my state
of disorientation.
I guessed that by now she was reading me; it shook my nerves and my urge to
speak to her abated somewhat. I gazed into and slowly sank in her soft, almond-
shaped smoky black eyes framed in a deep golden mask. She blinked slowly as she
finally caught my eyes, then momentarily looked away at nothing in particular. Then
just as quickly, those eyes, dark as precious anthracite, turned back to mine and
fixed my gaze. A long pause followed, one full of so many possibilities.
Right then and there, I wanted her to myself, either here or elsewhere, I didn’t care. I
had to know more. All I could think about was peeling away her mask and those
lush, alluring party layers to reveal the dark beauty beneath. I needed this woman’s
undivided attention or I would never recover from this longing.
I snapped out of my reverie of desire. There was no going back to my fancy dress
persona now. Who was I to even imagine that I could enter her perfect world? My
mind was now in too much of a disarray to approach her, but then again, what did I
have to lose?
But just as I was about to release my charm on her, it was too late. She sashayed
her way through the crowd, out of my reach. I was left adrift in a room of strangers
and noise pressing in on me. My temples pulsed, my chest was hollow, but I was
powerless to do anything as I watched her float away…


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