Gloriosa Retro Knickers



For the vibrant, sexy, fun woman at the peak of her game! Miss Chii’s Gloriosa lingerie range is intimacy on fire, with hot red, mixed with playful and potent symbols for warriors of the erotic. The striking flame lily flower feminises the tribal design and the overall impression of each lingerie combination is hot! Combined with delicately feminine French Levers lace and soft, sexy silk, the look and feel of Gloriosa’s bra and knicker sets are simply irresistible for women and their admirers alike!

Celebrate your unique womanly prowess with couture influences from around the world, but sourced and tailored right here in the UK!

Combine your sexy and vibrant Gloriosa bra with hot red high-waist, retro knickers offer classic couture comfort with a joyous twist of thoroughly contemporary symbolic printed silk to the hips.

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